Saturday, 12 November 2011

Future PC's

Interesting, you need to see this.
 From Shoshanna

Gates was on TV this morning from Las Vegas.  It was really interesting.  He says we will have these things in about 4 years.
 WOW...looks like Bill Gates was right a couple of years ago when he said "You haven't seen anything yet"
---- whaddya think these are?
look closely n' guess what they could be...
any wild guesses now?
no clue?...
ladies and gentlemen... congratulations! You have just now looked into the future...
yep that's right! no booing now... you have seen something that would replace your PC in the near future....
In the revolution of miniature of computers, the scientists are ahead with Bluetooth technology... See the forthcoming computers within our pockets .. 
This pen sort of instrument produces both the monitor as well as the keyboard on flat surfaces from where you can just carry out the normal operations you do on your desktop.


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