Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Morning is Here

Just saw this on my desktop. Didn't realize I didn't post. Wrote it on the morning of the UEFA Champions League Final between Bayern and Chelsea.

The morning is here, I woke up on the bright side, though I didn’t sleep very well as my mind was in MUNICH throughout the night, yes , in Munich. My football side got a better hold of me ahead my political side, and I felt putting it down might ease me from the pressure I am suffering from.
It is theUEFA  Champions League Final and as a fan of Chelsea FC, I am relishing the night – the biggest night in European football and I can’t wait!
Then, the thought of other Chelsea FC fans struck me. How are they feeling now? Is the heat on as well? Do they feel uneasy as I am? I can only assume the answers to my numerous questions, but assumption is the lowest level of man’s knowledge.
A look at the history of my team (Chelsea) shows that we’ve never won the competition in our 107years of existence. The Champions League trophy is the missing feather on our cap, unlike our opponent, Bayern Munich, who had won the trophy four times.
My uneasiness is not because of the match alone, but because the match will be played in the domain of our opponent, in Allianz Arena! Coupled with the absence of major players like John Terry, Barnislav Ivanovic, Ramires, Meireless, this herculean task ahead alone sends shiver s down my spine, I tremble as I write this as there is only one thing on my mind, CHELSEA MUST WIN! The thought of not featuring in the next edition if the team fail to win is nauseating as the team finished on the 6th position in the EPL campaign.
Now, I wish I can just hibernate, and then come alive after the match and be told that Chelsea has won the Champions League. Well, that seems impossible somehow, I just have to be patient. What more can I do other than look forward to the evening.